What is the Growing
For The Future Project?

Growing For The Future is a collaborative project within the agricultural sector to provide phytosanitary solutions, adapted to market and consumer demands.

For this, we support Crop Management programs, based on the combination of our Bio-rational products of microbiological and natural origin, and conventional products.

Through this combination we can procure cropsthat are fullycompliant to the requirements of European supermarkets, as well as being effective against the target pests and diseases of crops.

The Growing For The Future Project also offers solutions to organic farming producers thanks to the more than 24 Bio-rational products registered by organic bodies.

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¿Qué es el proyecto
Growing For The Future?

Growing for the Future es un proyecto colaborativo con el sector productor agrícola para proporcionar soluciones fitosanitarias, adaptadas a las demandas del mercado y el consumidor.

Para ello, elaboramos programas de Producción Integrada, basados en la combinación de nuestros productos Bio-racionales, productos de origen microbiológico y natural, y productos convencionales.

Mediante esta combinación conseguimos obtener unas producciones libres de residuos y totalmente adaptadas a los requerimientos de los supermercados europeos, además de ser eficaces contra las principales plagas y enfermedades de los cultivos.

El Proyecto Growing For The Future también ofrece soluciones a los productores de agricultura ecológica gracias a los más de 24 productos Bio-racionales registrados por el Ministerio de Agricultura y certificados en ecológico.

Our goals are your benefits

Building consumer confidence with sustainable and safe fruit and vegetable production.

Helping producers meet the current and future demands of supermarkets and retailers across Europe.

Offering new Bio-rational products, registered by local Government Agencies, effective for the control of pests and diseases.

Growing Academy: supporting technicians and farmers in the transfer of knowledge and the safe use of phytosanitary products.

Magazine Growing For The Future

With this Magazine you can keep up to date on current issues in our sector, learn about expert opinions, interviews and success stories.

For our strategies to be successful, it is essential to carry out technical protocols in each crop and to understand their needs.

The best way to do things

PFor our strategies to be successful, it is essential to carry out technical protocols in each crop and to understand their needs.

For this reason, in each geographical area, Certis Belchim B.V works together with the producer, technical advisor, cooperative and distributors in your area.

This collaborative work consists of the following phases:

Success rates

European context:

“The Farm to Fork strategy sets targets for sustainable food production by 2030”