We focus on sustainability,
innovation and food safety.

At Certis Belchim B.V we are committed to sustainable agriculture with a focus on sustainability, innovation and food safety.

Our solutions are focused on providing efficiency and productivity so that producers find profitability in our products which are also safe for applicators, consumers and the environment.

The agricultural sector is facing a major challenge.

Future European regulations, The European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy are setting clear guidelines in agricultural environmental matters and therefore, the agricultural sector is facing the challenge of transforming its production systems.

Committed to the  future

Helping to comply with new regulations, farmers and companies will need tools and knowledge in all their crops. At Certis Belchim B.V, within our “Growing For The Future” program, we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals declared by the UN, as well as the goals for 2030 published in the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Download the CERTIS BELCHIM quick guide and make sure that your crop complies with the new European regulations.

Our objectives :


  • Participation in forest restoration projects that contribute to offsetting the emission of Carbon Dioxide, CO₂, into the atmosphere.
  • Maintenance of populations of auxiliary insects and bees using approved products.
  • 50% reduction in the use of pesticides through the incorporation of new Bio-rational products of natural origin.


  • Helping all schoolchildren to have support materials for better learning. For this reason, we contribute by donating computers to schools so that we all have the same opportunities.


  • Certis Belchim is a member of IBMA, an association that groups companies dedicated to the production and/or commercialization of products for the biological control of pests and agricultural diseases, beneficial auxiliary insects, pheromones and natural substances.
  • Thanks to strategic agreements with different companies and through the Growing For The Future project, work on the implementation of IPM programs, which integrate new Bio-rational solutions, with the aim of satisfying consumer demands, with more sustainable and safe productions.


  • Offering flexibility to work remotely with teleworking, by incorporating a 60/40 policy in various office positions, which favors the wellbeing of our workers, while reducing transport andCarbon Dioxide, CO₂, emissions.


  • Contribution to ending inequalities by providing food to impoverished people in difficult times. During the quarantine period caused by Covid19 Certis Belchim participated in the donation of food boxes.
  • Our phytosanitary containers are covered by a collection system for agricultural containers, to give them correct environmental treatment and avoid environmental contamination.