Certis Belchim BV acquires assets of Henry Manufacturing Limited, New Zealand

Certis Belchim is to acquire all assets associated with the portfolio and pipeline of potassium fatty-acid salts of Henry Manufacturing Limited of New Zealand and their various applications in crop protection.

Mark Waltham, CEO, Certis Belchim

Certis Belchim BV announced that it has reached agreement with Henry Manufacturing Limited (HML) to acquire all tangible and intangible assets, including intellectual property, associated with its portfolio and pipeline of potassium fatty-acid salts and their various applications in crop protection.  The portfolio comprises a range of products and formulations currently targeting powdery mildew and Botrytis in vines.

The acquisition strengthens Certis Belchim’s leading position in the biological sector with a range of products that complement its existing portfolio and with which it will build on its existing market position in Australia and New Zealand, whilst offering potential to extend its position in North America, where registrations have been granted, as well as in Europe and other territories.

Quote from Certis Belchim CEO Mark Waltham:

“HML is a dynamic and innovative company that has developed a range of products targeted at important economically damaging diseases in vines and other high-value crops, but which also help growers meet the demands of modern-day food and wine production.  Its portfolio and pipeline are a perfect complement to our biorational product range, and we are excited about the opportunity to build on the position that HML has established in Australia and New Zealand and look to extend this to our wider Certis Belchim territory.”

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