Certis Belchim partners with Landlab for advanced biostimulant testing services

Certis Belchim, a leading agriculture solutions provider, has signed a partnership deal with Landlab, an innovative Italian company that specializes, among other things, in biostimulant product development and testing. The high-tech services that Landlab can provide will complement the capabilities of the Certis Belchim technical teams in Fronton, Londerzeel and Nimes.

Landlab, situated in Vicenza, Italy, has extensive experience and expertise in development of special fertilizers and novel plant biostimulants. Their expertise allows product evaluation under diverse conditions, including those generated by abiotic stress. Equipped with advanced simulation capabilities and state-of-the-art technologies such as phenotyping detection systems, Landlab can provide thorough evaluation and validation of biostimulant efficacy in a range of crops.

Jacques Haverlant, Head of R&D at Certis Belchim, said; “We are pleased to enter this partnership with Landlab and to be able to access the experience and expertise they have in support of our biostimulant development programme.  We are confident that through this relationship we shall be able to accelerate our development process and bring modern, effective crop production solutions to the market in the most efficient way possible”.

LANDLAB Srl Società Benefit

Landlab is a physical and virtual place for research projects, a structured opportunity to evaluate, grow and develop prototypes, products, techniques, processes and strategies for nutrition, biostimulation and plant protection for agriculture, horticulture, nursery and amenity.

It is a cutting-edge research facility, a place for pure thought, development and innovation for agriculture: we think, we lead, we pinpoint.  Steadily growing and constantly changing, Landlab knows how to renew and innovate itself by investing in scientists, resources and technology. We develop products intended for a “fair” agriculture: fair for the earth, farmers, soil, plants, consumers.

Landlab is a geographically articulated, flexible and multidisciplinary reality: we meet the needs of our clients and build future oriented partnerships. With an internationally acclaimed profile, Landlab is a place for meeting, sharing and dialogue.

At your side for a fair Agriculture: www.landlab.net

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