Certis Belchim Spearheads Sustainable Agriculture at Biofruit Congress

In an enlightening session at the 6th International Biofruit Congress, Certis Belchim emerged as a pivotal player in driving sustainable agriculture. Our innovative approach, which combines biocontrol and chemical solutions, aims to offer a future of residue-free crops in both greenhouse and open-field settings.

Our colleague Pedro Juan, head of food chain management, highlighted the reality of achieving residue-free agriculture today, thanks to our novel solutions. This success stems from our extensive collaboration across the entire food chain, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices.

The centerpiece of this strategy is the ‘Growing for the Future’ (G4TF) program. Initiated in 2012, G4TF addresses the stringent residue level requirements of European retailers while aligning with EU sustainability objectives. This program is a testament to Certis Belchim’s leadership in the biorationals market, providing solutions across various crops.

A case study from Almeria on greenhouse peppers under the G4TF program demonstrated remarkable results. The project saw a 55% reduction in chemical usage, zero residue detection, and a significant decrease in environmental impact compared to standard methods.

The success of the G4TF protocol for greenhouse peppers further underscores our role in transforming agriculture. The company’s efforts not only maintain soil and crop health but also significantly reduce environmental impact, paving the way for a more sustainable and profitable future for farmers.

Discover Pierre ESCODO full article:

“IPM and biocontrol solutions help improve sustainability”
Eurofresh Distribution magazine #188 – November/December 2023 – page 26

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