International guests welcomed to Certis Belchim Trial Field Days

Certis Belchim opened its Trial Station at Londerzeel, Belgium to 1700 wholesalers, distributors, advisors and contractors from around the globe over a two-week period in June.

Vegetable crop trials, Londerzeel

Wheat trials, Londerzeel

Certis Belchim Trials Station, Londerzeel

Sake ceremony

The 2022 Trial Field Days, continuing a long Belchim tradition, offered an opportunity for customers to see results of the current trials work and to learn from the technical knowledge shared with them for the benefit of their farmers. For many it was also a first chance to appreciate the strength of the combined portfolio offered by the two legacy companies, Certis Europe and Belchim Crop Protection.

The Trials station conducts laboratory screening of products and diseases as well as over 150 field trials on its 14 hectares, covering a broad range of crops including potatoes, maize, cereals, vegetables, fruit, vines and ornamentals. The technical product understanding gained contributes to the creation of practical crop protection solutions, an important element of the company’s long-term vision to enable sustainable agriculture.

Shareholder representatives of the new company took advantage of their visit to the Trial Field Days to share a traditional Japanese Sake Barrel Ceremony, “Kagami-Biraki” with those present. This ceremony, involving the breaking of the lid of the sake barrel with wooden mallets, represents an opening to harmony and good fortune and therefore a celebration of the new chapter for Certis Belchim, “Growing Together” to provide good solutions for all.

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