Vegas Plus®, the best Powdery Mildew specialist in cereals

Certis Belchim now has registration in Belgium and the UK for its new cereal fungicide, Vegas Plus®. Already in use and proven in Germany as the best Powdery Mildew (Blumaria graminis) specialist product in the market, Vegas Plus will be launched in Belgium and the UK in the near future.

Vegas Plus offers a number of advantages over competitors. Its two active ingredients, Cyflufenamid (a Phenyl-acetamide) and Spiroxamine (a Spiroketalamine), have different modes of action, making it a valuable anti-resistance tool against powdery mildew. This combination also means that Vegas Plus provides preventative, curative and eradicative action against fungal pathogens so that the timing of application is flexible, without compromising efficacy – never too early or too late!It is the only azole-free Powdery Mildew specialist solution available in Germany and also has a secondary effect against rust, especially yellow rust, which often coincides with Powdery Mildew timing. In combination with DMI (demethylation inhibitors)/triazoles it enhances efficacy against Septoria tritici by enhancing the entry of azoles into the leaf, also offering an anti-resistance benefit.The product is registered in wheat, barley and triticale.

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